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Study Design

We create statistically rigorous study designs that can be used to calculate the effect size, test for significance, detect prevalence levels, prove causality, and confirm the correlation.

Impact Assessment

Impact is defined differently by each partner. Some target reach and quantifiable metrics on the scale and yet other programs are more drilled down.

Monitoring and Evaluation

It can be hard to assess the impact of an intervention, to understand its utility, track, or monitor it. Our evaluations don’t just measure, they seek to improve.

On Ground Data Collection

We believe good data is at the epicenter of good research and hence leads to better social programs. Our researchers are integral field training and are part of all field missions.

Proof that your work is making an impact

It can be hard to make sense of the impact of an intervention, or understand its utility for the target beneficiaries. We can help. Learn more about how we use data for social impact.

Digital Data Collection

Collecting large volumes of data from challenging locations can be an expensive and cumbersome process. We use high tech solutions to get the job done in the most efficient way possible.

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Our team at Well Being Research is focused towards creating social impact through data.

We strive to improve the social outcomes of partner programs, enable setting up monitoring mechanisms, and help track impact.

At Outline India, our researchers take a step back and focus on improving the quality of data by making it representative of the targeted beneficiaries, reliable, and accurate.

We jump in from day zero, bringing robust data from the ground, informed by field insights. We believe that our field missions are about uncovering stories behind the numbers- qualitative with quantitative.


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